2014 : eGo Project : Next steps!

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La Ciotat April 14th, 2014,





The eGo project is ended since December 2013. The eGo technology has been successfully demonstrated and two reference designs (hardware and software) have been completed. 

The eGo devices has reached a significant level of performances as:


  • 1 month of autonomy (25 µA active sniffing mode)
  • 150 ms transaction time capability for supporting highly constrained use cases (e.g. door opening)
  • Mass production UWB technology integration able to support high accuracy RTLS performances (+/- 10 cms)
  • 9D IMU integration (gesture recognition, fall-free detections, UWB and IMU fusion sensors)
  • Integrable in a watch (5 mm thickness) in a volume (battery included) of 3000 mm3
  • Privacy by design support (e.g. anonymous, authentic and non traceable transactions)
  • Water-resistant (no connector, no button, no holes)
  • WPC support
  • Fingerprint sensor support
  • Ultra thin and ultra low power Graphical display support


The next steps for this technology will be at three levels:


  1. Improving the facilities at the server level for easing the management of the applications and their secure synchronization between all eGo wearable devices owned by the user.
  2. Improving and adding new sensors for addressing eHealth environnements.
  3. Dissimenation of the technology with partners and standardization of the air/air interfaces.


The two first points will be addressed in a new Catrene project expected by early 2015 and involving new partners who will contribute on :

  • The online automated certification of the applications (certification by composition)
  • Identity management


Some videos are available on the section related to the eGo partners demonstrating the capability of the eGo technology.





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