eGo activity states

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Four states defines the eGo activity:


  • Inactive: eGo is not operational and the whole electronic system is powered off.
  • Attached: a physical link with the user's body is detected. eGo is in standby power mode waiting for a user identification (Single Sign On) or an eGo pairing to specific eGo compliant device.
  • Active: eGo is active waiting for an eGo pairing to an eGo compliant device. eGo may leave this state if the physical link to the user's body is broken
  • Emergency: special eGo compliant device may access (read only) to data in the eGo device when the user did not perform a SSO or if was not able to do it (e.g. unconsious).




eGo is initially in the inactive state. The user attaches his eGo to his body or to primary clothing directly linked to his body. The user operates a SSO in using for example a fingerprint sensor. If the SSO is positive then eGo switches to the active state and can perform an eGo pairing to at least one eGo compliant device. If eGo is physically detached from the user's body then eGo returns to the inactive state.

No user's credentials can be used on behalf of the user if eGo is lost after a SSO due to the return to the inactive state once the physical link to the user's body is broken.

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